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Job Description

Job Title:                              Marketing Manager / Head of Marketing             

Department:                      Marketing Communications       

Position Summary

The Marketing Manager / Head of Marketing will be responsible for developing and implementing marketing and communications strategies to drive top and bottom line growth. This marketing leader will be responsible for public affairs and delivering greater exposure for us, for internal and external audiences, through all communications channels, including earned and placed media, social media and digital. The effective management of marketing components such as pricing, promotion, distribution and product/service offerings/features as well as the overall customer experience shall be strengthened to our company performance.  This position will able be responsible for market research through analysis, interpretation and implementation of customer research into effective marketing strategies. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


             Responsible for the development and implementation of offline and digital lead generation campaigns

             Define the business plan and marketing plan for the corporate brand and for each product and service in the portfolio.

             Define and support each product and service of the institution based on institution priority and develop appropriate marketing tactics to achieve strategic objectives.

             Monitor the performance of product/services and facilitate process for improvement, adaptation or change to meet strategic objectives and performance targets

             Monitor the achievement of the objectives defined in the marketing plan in both market share, margin, commercial positioning, customer satisfaction etc. 

             Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote product/services

             Responsible for driving social media, website and search strategy.


             Track and monitor the health of the brand within this market.

             Work cross functionally to craft a coherent brand experience and strengthen a corporate image

             Ensure the brand essence and values are communicated and exemplified through every customer touch point and   communication vehicles (website, printed materials, loan officer scripts, product features etc.) in a standardized way.  

             Lead internal brand engagement efforts for engaging the employees/staff on the our Brand

             Ensure compliance with  global brand standards (visual identity and design), responsible for local administration of digital asset management system, Ensure brand consistency in the development of marketing communications and messaging

Research (If Applicable)

             Collaborate with management and internal departments (Product Development, IT, Customer Service, etc.)  to frame the key business challenges to inform the agenda for customer and market intelligence research /data gathering.

             Advise on the appropriate research methodology for providing data needed for management decisions. Develop and present the research plans to collect customer and market intelligence data that identify customer key touchpoints, pain-points, challenges, and hurdles through primary and secondary research.

             Conduct or oversee implementation of research initiatives (qualitative and quantitative) to help inform marketing and operations strategy and objectives.

             Distill main takeaways – research findings and customer insights – for management.

             Advocate for focus on the customer experience research, advising management and stakeholders on the voice of the customer (VOC) and their journey with FINCA.

             Support (by providing research insights) various departments with integrating the VOC to improve customer interactions.

             Manage and, when needed, train resources to execute research on client and market intelligence data. Provide subject matter expertise (marketing and research) to the team members and external resources (interviewers, moderators, consultants, etc.).


             Lead and oversees PR and communications activities, including developing communications plans, strategy memos, press releases, talking points, interview preparation material, website content, social media, newsletters and other communications deliverables as needed.

             Pitch, brief, staff and monitor media; develop story ideas, angles and narratives; build and maintain media and stakeholder lists.

             Design strategic, engaging and cutting advanced presentations.

             Coordinating logistics and promotions for public events; Create supporting materials, including fact sheets, briefs, event summaries, speaker bios, and other handouts for large public events.

             Write and edit range of communications, including reports, articles, op-eds, proposals, briefs, and others needed to communicate with a broad range of audiences, internal and external.

             Media and campaign monitoring and creation of dashboards and reports.

             Provide education/training on products and services as well as topics related to marketing to promote products/services to customers in a uniform and feature driven manner.

             Develop web and social media strategies for local communications as well as ensure compliance with international web standards. Also, Responsible for the deployment and ongoing maintenance of the content of websites using a CMS.

             Ability to manage (digital) marketing deliverables including initial planning, implementation, monitoring, optimization, analysis and reporting.

             Work with external communications and marketing agencies as needed


             Establish a marketing budget nationally according to requirements and according to the strategic objectives of the institution

             Evaluate financial aspects of product development such as budgets, expenditures, research and profit/loss projections

             Negotiate contracts with vendors/partners as needed


             Supervise processes, personnel and or vendors as required to perform duties.


7 to 10 years of experience in marketing or communications in consumer marketing and or financial sector

 Specific technical knowledge:

Digital marketing – Knowledge of SEO, SEM, Marketing Automation, Google Analytics, Social Media marketing,

Sales and Marketing – Knowledge of principles and methods for developing, promoting, and selling products or services. This includes the development of business plans and marketing plans/strategy and tactics as well as CRM

Customer and Personal Service – Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Administration and Management – Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

Communications and Media – Knowledge of various types of communications and media tactics & distribution. Digital Marketing experience is a plus.

Ability to work with marketing/communications agencies through the brief development and evaluation of creative work.

Marketing Research – knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and concepts.  Experience in data collection and research reporting as well as implementation of findings into relevant insights and strategies.

Budget and Pricing – Knowledge of budget development and management as well as pricing development and strategy

Collateral Development – Knowledge of branding and design techniques, tools, and guidelines involved in the production of marketing materials.

Web administration: Basic skills with image-editing software. Web content management experience, basic HTML and WordPress skills is a plus.

Education & Experience                               

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, Communication or related area

Master degree in Marketing Preferred

Language Skills

English – 100% fluency in speaking and writing and local language as applicable

Computer Skills  

Microsoft Suite – Intermediate knowledge or higher                                                     

Design programs – Preferred? (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,  Corel, advanced Flash animation, Dreamweaver)

Web administration – Basic skills with image-editing software. Web content management experience, basic HTML, Digital asset management and WordPress skills


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