Power Field Technician


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JOB TITLE: Power Field Technician
DEPARTMENT: Fuel department
REPORTS TO (TITLE): Power Field technician
Primary objective of the job:
Control and audit the performance and status of power system at sites and control fuel consumption.

Number of persons Managed/Supervised and their positions:
4 persons
Main Duties and Responsibilities: (maximum of 8 duties)
• Control the performance of generators on site
• Audit the installation, tank status and generators status and environment
• Open ticket with O&M for abnormal situation and action to be fixed
• Random audit on fuel inspectors during or after refueling.
• Control fuel consumption per generators/ sites and report abnormal situation.
• Control generators consumable
• Control ATS functionality
• Control l’EDH consumption and connectivity.
• Be responsible on the process execution and HIGHLIGHT any abnormality
Academic qualifications and experience required for job:
• Technical experience in electro-mechanic
• Expertise in generators et preference in hybrid generators and ATS.
• Technical experience at least 3 years
Functional Skills:
• Integrity with strong personality
• Ability to manage Excel
• Pro-active

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